Blog and social media hodge-podge

There are so many blogs out there that it is bewildering and hard to imagine where to begin, especially given that I am and so many viewers here are not native to the social media world yet… especially in our professional capacity.  Blogging has been around for several years, and I think it is safe to say that after a wild west period of venting, it is starting to get more sophisticated and specific within professions.  As the bad economy has persisted from 2007 onwards, I think it safe to say that people have begun to mobilize and actively share professional survival strategies to help each other through the tough times.  Library science is certainly no exception.  So while I have a variety of blogs here, I tried mainly to collect ones that focus on imparting specialty skills within the social media sector of libraries, many of which are linked together through mutual interest and overlap of members.

Library 2.0: Librarians and the Internet, Social Media, and Web 2.0   (Main Page)

Twitter as a Tool

Academic Libraries and Library 2.0/Web 2.0

David Lee King: Social web, emerging trends, and libraries (another Topeka Public Library link!  Wow, so proud)

Peter Scott’s Library Blog (lots of UK library news)

Social Media Breakfast NH (this is for “technology professions” but I think it applies to library science students and library staff!)

Connie Crosby (for law libraries)

The Shifted Librarian (links to external articles, blogs, and feeds)

Water Librarian’s Blog (linked directly to “Managing Your Library’s Online Presence”)

21st Century Library Blog

The Krafty Librarian (mainly medical librarian information, directly linked to “Social media” collection)

Librarian by Day (featuring a great interview partially about social media, and some comparisons between the US and UK)

The Daring Librarian (opens with slide show of “Social media Revolution for School Librarians”)

Classroom 2.0 (looks really good for people starting out, with a ton of discussions and replies)


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