A few videos about libraries and social media

There are a number of videos out there showing what libraries are doing with social media, particularly YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  There are no such videos that I could find addressing Seattle Public Library, even though they do work with social media in several formats.

This video addresses how libraries in South Carolina are using social media to reach out to patrons and show them how to cope with the economic downturn:


This YouTube video is from Gjøvik University Library of Norway that also works with Flickr, SecondLife, and Delicious.  Explained in English, a library staff member walks through how to participate in their social media programs.  They have lectures on social media within their library as well.  Very interesting and informative!:


The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library (my hometown library in Kansas, coincidentally) offers tutorials on social media unrelated to their own prerogative, including this one, explaining to patrons how to change their privacy settings on Facebook:


This library in Kansas has an astounding number of videos, totally unknown to me until organizing this blog, with book reviews, activities for children, musical performances, art gallery displays, explaining what the library and librarians do, special learner and braille segments.  Quite astounding.  Using YouTube in this way shows a great attempt at engagement with the patrons, although it appears most people do not know that it is available  with anywhere from 12 to 360 views per video.

This video explains social media as well, at the campus library for Missouri Western University, actually showing staff responsible for the social media program.  It is the first video I saw that showed how to use AskaLibrarian, and bit.ly, a URL shortener:


Last, this spoof of ducks depicting library managers strategizing their social media campaign from a UK library-focused YouTube channel.  It explains the staid and horrified attitude towards social media some library organizations have:


There are a plethora of videos out there about what libraries are doing with social media and interacting with their patrons to familiarize them with services related to it, but you’ll have to choose which style you favour!


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