Friends of Seattle Public Library

Many library systems have a “Friends of the Library” system in place.  This support system and outreach to potential donors and volunteers is further enhanced by delving into the world of social networking.  The Friends of Seattle Public Library maintain a blog, which also links to their Facebook page, where donations can also be taken.  They have archives of comments and event details that go back for a period of three years on the blog.  This blog appears to have a strong sentimental component to it, which often compels people to become involved on a level that they may not have previously.  As you may have noted from the first posting Valuestour has done here, the letter from the six-year-old on the blog inspired a person from another side of the country to also donate to the library, something which would not be possible without social networking.
Please take the time to examine the Friends of Seattle Public Library blog about page Friends of SPL.

The blog does not post something every day, but appears to have some new content at least once a week.  Its function is to inform followers of events to take place, show images of the library, and also demonstrate quantitative evidence of its effectiveness, as evidenced by reporting summer reading participation numbers, circulation data, and the effectiveness of other programs.

Check out the blog and see for yourself what is going on at Seattle Public Library: Latest news.


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