The Seattle Public Library has a Flickr group page that assembles its images and also allows for people to interact and comment there. It has a collection of over 1,700 images and 275 members who have contributed some image(s) of the library.  This type of social media allows for patrons to contribute their own image and the general premise for this is to relate some positive experience with the place or show images from traveling.  Having public access from this vantage point further creates a culture around the institution, makes people feel as though they have some voice with it, and if travelers from other cities, states, and countries are able to view the architectural marvel of the library, it will encourage them to visit the library and check out Seattle.  It is, in essence, free advertising and feedback that would not have been available 15 years ago.

Tagging of photos offers a great deal of linking and versatility, as the images find their way to the main group page for the library, and offer random visitors to network among themselves.

This image comes from get down’s photostream:


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