SPL exterior

SPL exterior shot by Frankphotos on Flickr. Advertisements

Blog and social media hodge-podge

There are so many blogs out there that it is bewildering and hard to imagine where to begin, especially given that I am and so many viewers here are not native to the social media world yet… especially in our professional capacity.  Blogging has been around for several years, and I think it is safe … Continue reading

A few videos about libraries and social media

There are a number of videos out there showing what libraries are doing with social media, particularly YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  There are no such videos that I could find addressing Seattle Public Library, even though they do work with social media in several formats. This video addresses how libraries in South Carolina are using … Continue reading

Reviewing and Points for Improvement

Seattle Public Library’s Facebook page has had a flurry of more activity since I began my examination of their social media/Web 2.0 programs.  Let me point out a few functions that having such an access point can have and a lot of people may not immediately intuit.  Anything I mention here, consider it something I … Continue reading


The Seattle Public Library has a Flickr group page that assembles its images and also allows for people to interact and comment there. It has a collection of over 1,700 images and 275 members who have contributed some image(s) of the library.  This type of social media allows for patrons to contribute their own image … Continue reading

Blogs and Usability

The Seattle Public Library Main Page is concise and looks approachable to both the first time and seasoned user of the page.  For our purposes, it clearly indicates the social networking connection with a Facebook link button at the bottom of the page, a fairly standard feature when social networking is a marketing component.  This … Continue reading


While we do not have the luck to be privy to the stats the Seattle Public Library have on their social networking visitor traffic, the value of such information cannot be understated.  The library, among others worldwide, most certainly must supply their respective communities with data indicating where their finances are directed and what results … Continue reading

Facebook Page

Having a Facebook page is considered a pillar of the social networking war chest, with over 500 million members worldwide.  Seattle Public Library has a substantial membership of over 8,700 people on Facebook.  In line with what many Facebook pages for libraries do across the world, and particularly in English-speaking countries, the library updates patrons … Continue reading

Friends of Seattle Public Library

Many library systems have a “Friends of the Library” system in place.  This support system and outreach to potential donors and volunteers is further enhanced by delving into the world of social networking.  The Friends of Seattle Public Library maintain a blog, which also links to their Facebook page, where donations can also be taken.  … Continue reading